Qualities of Ceramic Window Tints That Make Them Ideally Suited for Australian Motorists

The same way Australia's summer season has an adverse effect on your home, from making the interiors unbearable without sufficient air conditioning to the gradual harm that UV rays have on your upholstery, is the same effect that it has on your vehicle. So while window tints were previously considered cosmetic inclusions by some motorists, you will quickly find that once the film on your windshield begins to deteriorate, spending time in your car becomes progressively harder, despite having a functional AC system. [Read More]

What You Need to Know If You Want to Tint Your Car Windows

If you've ever had to sit in traffic in the middle of the day, you know that even the best aircon system may sometimes struggle to cope with the heat. While this may be the reality of living in a place like Australia, it does not mean that you have to suffer in silence and especially as you spend so many hours in your vehicle over the course of a year. [Read More]

How Does an Intact Windscreen Keep You Protected During a Collision?

You should already know that driving with a crack or chip in your windscreen isn't safe, but you probably only think that because any imperfection can reduce visibility. However, you might not have considered how a windscreen is able to keep you and your passengers safe from harm in the event of a collision. People often discount the importance of the windscreen in a collision, seeing it as one of the weakest parts of the vehicle. [Read More]